About Us

LIMO is our brand for audio and video systems equipment, produced and imported by BIFEM Compound and Security Systems.

Under the brand of LIMO, we provide services in the field of production, sales and project development of Pop Up Monitor, Embedded / Electric Presentation Panel and Projection Lift, IP Sound Systems, Professional Sound System products.

Our mission is to support your projects with quality service and economical products with our LIMO brand, which we can respond to demand-specific productions. Thus, while reducing the project costs of our customers, we ensure that our end users receive quality service.



Ultra-thin monitor lift is designed for advanced multi-purpose paperless meeting rooms. When holding the generel meeting, the LCD can be hidden in the conference table to make the desktop clean and beautiful; when holding the multimedia conference, the LCD can be used to display multimedia information alone, or in groups or all lifted in accordance with different needs, including conference content, information tips and image information so on. according to the different requirements of the meeting, the lifter can be controlled separately or in group through setting.